Birds of Europe

Linnaeus NG is the web-based management system for species information developed and maintained by Naturalis Biodiversity Center. It allows you to collect a wide variety of information about taxa. It allows users to create their own website for managing, organizing and publishing data in various ways.

In more detail

A Linnaeus NG project is built up from different modules according to the needs of the project. The core module manages the taxonomy and species information. It is linked to a taxonomically structured list of species and higher taxa. In this module data such as the naming, synonyms, detailed species descriptions can be entered. Images and other media files can also be added with links to the relevant species.

Other modules make use of the centrally managed species data. Two modules enable identification keys to be compiled. In one module, single-access and multi entry keys can be compiled that can be used to identify the species recorded by the end user. In addition there is a module with which keys of the multi-entry type can be put together that enable the user to specifically identify species using the characteristics which are easy to distinguish. Linnaeus NG offers several other modules like a literature module, a clarifying list of terms and media. Due to the integration with the Netherlands Biodiversity API, Linnaeus NG projects can be linked to collection data.

Due to the open modular design, the system can also be expanded with custom modules. For example, for the Nederlands Soortenregister a specific module was added to link DNA barcodes to species.